Ielts Test Patterns

Ielts Test Patterns


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The total test duration of IELTS exam is 2hrs and 45 minutes. It comprises of four modules i.e. Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

 Listening test: In Listening test there are 40 questions and time is approximately 30 minutes. The module shall have multiple choice questions, short answer questions, sentence completion and chart/ table completion based questions respectively.

 Reading test: In Reading test there are 40 questions and time is approximately 60 minutes. The questions will be based on the identification of writers’ views/ attitudes, matching lists/ phrases, labeling a diagram and choosing suitable paragraph respectively.

 Writing test: In Writing test there are 2 Task and time is approximately 60 minutes. The section will be consisting of 2 tasks in writing to be completed in 150- 250 words respectively.

 Speaking test: In Speaking test there are 3 parts and time is approximately 11-15 In this module it is consist of Face to Face interaction with an examiner.